One year at home in Portugal

This time I'd like to stay and grow roots here.

One year at home in Portugal

The moving guys left with their truck, having spent a couple days packing and loading everything. We loaded basic necessities and the children in the car, locked the house behind us, and left around 16:00. Inês and I took turns driving and sleeping in the car, stopping for food and bathroom breaks. It took about 28 hours to cover the 2100km from Adliswil to Salir do Porto. We left home and arrived home one year ago. It's almost strange to remember – one of those memories that don't seem fully processed yet.

Leaving a great job and one of the best countries to live in didn't seem to make much sense but it felt right. One year later, there are no regrets and I'm grateful for the opportunity to start over.

It's funny how things work out. I hadn't planned to leave Romania, but the job offer in Ireland was too good to refuse. I liked it there, but knew from the beginning that I wouldn't want to stay forever. Switzerland followed, with its postcard imagery and clockwork functioning. I liked it there, and made no plans to leave. Portugal is home now, and this time I'd like to stay and grow roots here.

Goodbye Switzerland
Hello Portugal