From https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/alo#Latin:

alō (present infinitive alere, perfect active aluī, supine altum or alitum); third conjugation

I foster, I nourish
I raise (as a child, an animal, etc.)
I feed, I maintain, I develop

We are a family learning how to nourish ourselves by fostering a natural system where people, animals and plants can thrive.

In practice, this means we are dedicated to:

  • Eating real food
  • Growing our own food, in the most natural and rich way possible
  • Creating our own food forest
  • Living inspired by Permaculture
  • Minimizing the waste we produce and sharing our surplus
  • Homeschooling, free-ranging our children
  • Raising the happiest animals on earth
  • Being present, learning to live in the here and now
  • Inspiring others to join us and do the same

Our photo blog images are also posted on Instagram as @alo.on.the.land.