Delightful Duck Eggs

Delightful Duck Eggs

Our duck eggs are ethically sourced from happy, healthy ducks that enjoy the freedom of free-range living in a regenerative forest. These ducks are raised with love and care, and are fed only the best quality feed to ensure that our eggs are rich in flavour and nutrients.

Why choose duck eggs?


Duck eggs contain more protein, vitamin B12, and omega-3 fatty acids than chicken eggs.

Bigger and richer

Duck eggs are bigger and richer in taste than chicken eggs, making them perfect for cooking and baking.


Our ducks roam free, and our farming practices are regenerative, which means they are good for the environment and support local wildlife.

Where to buy our eggs

Pick up at Salir do Porto

Check out your local farmers' market for fresh, organic duck eggs.

Pick up at Caldas da Rainha

Make an order with us, and we can agree on a convenient time to bring the eggs to you in the city.

Bike delivery

If you live in Salir do Porto or nearby, we will take our bikes and deliver the eggs to your door.

Contact Us
Phone: 928128633

Frequently asked questions

Are duck eggs healthier than chicken eggs?

Duck eggs are richer in nutrients than chicken eggs, especially in vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

Can I use duck eggs in place of chicken eggs?

Yes! Duck eggs can be used as a one-to-one replacement for chicken eggs, although they may require additional leavening agents due to their rich flavour and texture.

What do duck eggs taste like?

Duck eggs have a richer and creamier flavour than chicken eggs, and their yolks are significantly larger.

Cooking and baking with duck eggs


Duck eggs are fantastic for baking, especially for cakes and pastries. They add moisture, richness, and volume.

Scrambling and Frying

Duck eggs make a great base for scrambled eggs or fried eggs. They have a rich, buttery flavour and hold their shape well.


Duck eggs have a beautifully rich flavour and texture, making them a fantastic addition to omelettes, quiches, and frittatas.


Try pickling your duck eggs for a delicious snack that's both savoury and tangy. They make for a great garnish too.