Music Together Silver Coast: Hitting the Right Chord for Families

So we launched Music Together Silver Coast, with music programs for families on the Silver Coast with children up to 8 years old.

Music Together Silver Coast: Hitting the Right Chord for Families
Bonding in Nature over Music

When our first child arrived, we were yearning for ways to bond with our little maestro, meet other new parent rockstars, and have a predictable, happy encore to look forward to each week.

Enter Music Together: our weekly serenade of joy. Dancing, singing, and making merry with my baby – it was pure symphony. Sure, I didn't know the tunes at first, but I didn't need to be a virtuoso. I simply basked in the melody, letting someone else conduct the show while I cherished the moment.

Week by week, those songs became the soundtrack of our lives, weaving themselves into daily rituals like preparing meals or changing diapers. Bringing baby number two along was simply the next logical key change.

But when we moved to Portugal, the music stopped. While a few child music classes existed, none offered that warm, vibrant crescendo we craved. So, after months of deliberation, we took a deep breath, embraced the self-doubt, and decided to bring Music Together to our corner of the world.

So we launched Music Together Silver Coast, with music programs for families on the Silver Coast with children up to 8 years old.

We trained, practiced, faced our fears, and finally – drumroll please! – held our first demo session this week. And let me tell you, it was a standing ovation. Families came, swayed to the tunes, and eagerly asked for more. The whole experience, from preparation to performance, was simply a blast.

Now, a new chapter begins. We're thrilled to offer other families that same happy, reliable rhythm to look forward to each week. And the magic doesn't stop there. By doing what we love, we're also nurturing child development, strengthening family bonds, boosting new moms' spirits, and fostering a sense of community – all while having a whale of a time. Isn't that simply enchanting?

Curious about what's needed for this musical ensemble? Here's a taste of the backstage work that went into this beautiful composition:

Tuning Up:

  • Legal & Admin Harmonies: Getting things official.
  • Teacher Training: Learning the chords of connection.
  • Licensing & Trademark: Protecting our unique melody.

Orchestrating the Fun:

  • Venue Selection: Finding the perfect stage.
  • Instrument & Prop Procurement: Gathering our musical tools.
  • Decorative Flourishes: Setting the scene for musical magic.
  • Accessibility & Ambiance: Ensuring a smooth and welcoming environment.
  • Digital Symphony: Building our online presence.
  • Materials Mastery: Sourcing and learning teaching aids.
  • Family Engagement: Ensuring everyone gets their sheet music.

Building the Brand:

  • Crafting Our Identity: Defining our visual notes.
  • Content Creation: Sharing our story in tuneful ways.

Finding Our Chorus:

  • Seeking Collaborations: Identifying partners who share our rhythm.
  • Partnership Pitches: Making our case for musical connection.
  • Promoting Harmony: Spreading the word about our collaborative tunes.

The Grand Performance:

  • Class Composition: Crafting engaging musical experiences.
  • Rehearsal Magic: Making sure every note hits the right mark.
  • Showtime! Leading families on a musical journey.
  • Setting the Stage: Preparing the space for musical fun.
  • Encore! Cleaning up and ensuring everything is ready for the next act.
  • Communicating the Score: Keeping everyone informed and engaged.

It's a lot of work, but when you love the music, it's pure harmony. Of course, our diverse backgrounds helped us hit some of the right notes.

But in the end, the biggest challenges weren't business hurdles, but social ones – the unexpected lack of support from our expected cheerleaders. It was tough, but it also solidified another reason for this project: building community, something we all need, especially for our children.